May 23, 2007

You're Getting Warmer

There's an interesting article over at BP Press about where SBC churches have gone wrong. The pastor who wrote the article is getting warmer as to why baptism numbers are declining in the SBC but the article is far from wholly and correctly diagnosing the problem.

I'll bullet point my diagnosis here (And yes this will be an oversimplification):

  • Cheap Conversions (Cheap Grace)
  • Focus On Numbers (Baptisms) Instead Of Depth of Change
  • Lack Of Cultural Understanding Among The Pastoral Ranks
  • Lack Of Relationship Building / Understanding Interpersonal Relationships Among Pastoral Ranks
  • Manward Trend In Preaching
  • Refuge Mentality Vs. Missional Mentality
  • Focus On Church Growth Instead Of Life Change
Those are a few. I have others but I'm interested to hear what you would have had in this list. Please leave your list in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

My own church struggles with the fact that only 10-20% of the people try to do most of the work. THe problem is we are so thin that we are not able to focus on life change b/c we are trying to run the church in general.

Michael Morton

PaPaMarc said...

If you have not listened to the message I have posted on my blog you should really take time to hear it.