May 29, 2007

Colossians, Logos Software, And A Little More Just For Good Measure

As midnight approaches here on the East Coast, God is doing some amazing things in my life.

First, I received my Logos Software today. The Scholar's Silver Edition looks like a great choice at this point and I was blown away tonight by what has been put at my fingertips. Hats off to the boys in the Seattle area.

Second, I'm preaching here in a few weeks at Hope Point Community Church here in the Spartanburg area and my message is going to be an exposition of Colossians 1. God's had me in this letter for a while now and I just can't get past Chapter 1. Now granted, there are some amazing things that God says in the following chapters, but man oh man, Chapter 1 is loaded.
I'd love to share the preaching outline here on the blog, but then it would ruin it for those that will be in attendance. I'll be sure and post it (along with the audio hopefully) soon after.

Third, you should definitely go for this. It's like God himself is reading the Word to you. Don't tell me it costs too much. You will not be disappointed. One thing to consider, make sure you have enough bandwidth.

Fourth, this quote which really went along with where God has me in Colossians right now (HT: The Heidelblog):

If we weren’t so obsessed with our symbols, our bumper stickers, our necklaces, our rings, perhaps we would have time to look to the signs and seals given to us to remind us of His covenant blessings and promises in Baptism and The Lord’s Supper. Then we would realise the only covering we need as we shine as salt and light for our saviour, is the covering of Christ’s righteousness. Our gratitude for that would help the girls keep the uniform code and it might just help the rest of us to keep the highway code as well


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