May 25, 2007

The Bible As A Textbook

Just got off the phone with Logos and completed my purchase of the Scholar's Silver Edition. I know what most are thinking - "You don't have Bible software yet?"

The answer is no, and I'm excited that it's on the way. I have to confess one thing though. And I'm curious if anyone else has had this hesitation as well.

The more software we get and the more books we read, do you ever run into the trap of looking at the Bible as a textbook rather than the breathing Words Of God that come straight from Him. I participated in a demo of the software and man is it slick, but the thought hit me "How am I gonna make sure that this is still God in front of me and not just a bunch of words on a screen?"

I want to study, dig in, and know God so much better. I want to understand His word and His ways, but not at the expense of "academizing" Him (if that's even a word). Has anyone else ran into this and would anyone care to share a "Top 10 List" so to speak of things you can do to help keep this from happening?


Anonymous said...

Great point! If we aren't careful we reduce work and frienships to emails and spreadsheets, but He has given us so many tools to strengthen our relationship with Him. The software sounds like an excellent tool!

Daniel Foster said...

Welcome to the Logos family, Marc! :-)

Your question about encountering the living Christ through text on a screen is a good one. I encourage you to post it on the Logos newsgroup and see what some of the long-time users there have to say:


Daniel Foster
Logos Bible Software