May 16, 2007

Three Nights In May

And they have been great nights indeed. God never ceases to amaze me. Monday night, Upward dedicated it's new campus in Spartanburg, SC. Simultaneous to the campus dedication was a gathering of 50 folks from local churches all across the country that Upward has built strong relationships with and who we would consider our "key" churches because they have made a commitment to use the Upward tool with excellence.

As I look back on the 3 days, the thing that strikes me more than anything is the God wrought and God bought passion that permeated the leaders that we brought in and the leader of Upward's President, Caz McCaslin. In many respects, they are humble simple recreation people who just have a passion to make a big difference in the world in which they live. I wouldn't say they are tremendous theologians, but they are passionate and dedicated to reaching out to folks in their neighborhoods, state, and the uttermost parts of the world. I think sometimes we place the study of theology above the labor born of that theology. I'm coming to learn that in many ways, seeing the truth lived out in front of you is the best way and absorb theology into your life. These folks are servants in every sense of the word and they truly were inspring to be around.

I used to take times like these for granted, assuming they would roll around again. I take nothing for granted anymore and commit myself, with all the God supplied strength and focus I can, to make the most and enjoy the most these sweet times of fellowship.

Father, may you truly provide for them their daily bread. May you forgive them and help them to forgive others. May you not lead them into temptation and may you truly deliver them from evil. And in all that we do, may it be your will we are doing.


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