May 29, 2007

When The News And Your Theology Collide

And you're faced with absolute gut-wrenching, heart-breaking realities. And every last bone in your body wants to say "THIS ISN'T RIGHT".

God, this doesn't feel right. That you would allow a mom to lock the doors, systematically take each one of her little baby girls, hold them up, tie a scarf or some other piece of clothing around their little necks, tie a knot, and then let them dangle as they struggle, and yell, and scream, and cry, and look at her wondering why someone they should trust so much is doing such a horrible, unthinkable, unspeakable thing to them.

Did you hear their screams? Did you hear their little throats closing as they lost their life? Did you see their tears? Did you feel their pain? Did you sympathize with their horror and their terror? Did you God? Did you? Were you really there as their little faces turned blue and their feet stopped dangling and their bodies quit wiggling? Were you?

Those are the only questions a lot of people will be able to ask as they read this story. Where was God when all of this was taking place and how could a loving God allow this to happen? What would your answer be? What would a Biblically faithful, Gospel centered, Christ exalting, God honoring answer be?

Because this doesn't just happen once a day. Horrible things happen every day. And your theology and your understanding of the Gospel had better be able to address news like this otherwise we offer no hope to a world besought by tragedy and terror. So I ask you..what would your answer be?

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