May 09, 2007

See - The Problem Is You Thinks Too Much

Adrian Warnock had a post on Monday that I just read and WOW! You can find the post here.

Here is an excerpt:

Well, as I say, that is all right at a preliminary stage, but if you have never felt anything, if you have never had any experience. I say it is not faith, it is mere intellectual assent, and intellectual belief. Because the whole of the Bible teaches experiences of God. And we are meant to experience God. We are meant to know Him, not simply to believe, and to go on 'holding to our beliefs,' and 'taking it by faith'. That is only the first step, and it is to be followed by a realisation, by an understanding. And I feel that it is this error at this point that accounts for so much of dead orthodoxy, and is such a grievous hindrance to revival

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