May 16, 2007

From One Brother To Another - Uh Huh

Ok, so maybe this post won't be a Kenny Rogers & Ann Margaret duo, but as I was typing the title "Islands In The Stream" just ran through my head. Don't ask why, I stopped doing that a long time ago.

What this post is about is to thank Tony Kummer for the very nice words he said about me here. It was awesome to meet Tony and to talk with him and his pastor about all things Jesus. They would say I didn't shut up. I would say I was passionate. It was refreshing that in a world that seems growingly apathetic towards truth, that I was fortunate to spend some time with brothers in Christ who are passionate about it and seeing it lived out in their church. It's almost as if we were "Islands In The Stream" as it were.

Also you definitely want to check out Tony's other blog (in cooperation with others) titled Said At Southern. It's a blog about latest news, postings, and all things Southern Seminary related. It's been tremendously helpful for me.

Once again, Thank you Tony for the link. I look forward to sharing corners of cyberspace with you. To God Be The Glory!

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BackesHouse said...

I think KR did Islands in the Stream with Dolly - not Ann Margaret...;-)