April 30, 2007

Why Do You Think That Is?

OK! I'd like to change things up here a bit. I'm REALLY interested to hear folks take on this article by Dr. Frank Page.

Read the article and then leave your comments here (remember civility and Christlike decor) on the question: "Why do think that is?"


PaPaMarc said...

Just how does he define a "Traditional Southern Baptist Church"?

Brian Bradsher said...

I think a lot of the reason is because of the way the "Traditional" churches are working today. Bobby Welch made a comment that the reason that they did not meet their 1 million baptized was that they were not sowing enough seeds. These are the current SBC's. Here is that article.


Plus I think that more people are going non-denomiational, and are searching for deeper teaching of the word and doctrine and theology.

I know that is what I need, forget numbers and points to make my life better, give me the word which is 100% sufficient for my life and walk with Christ.

Marc Backes said...

I would imagine he would define "traditional" as probably a Southern Baptist Church that is predominantly an older congregations with choirs and hymns as the order of the day.

What's interesting to me and I Brian hit it right on the head was that "music" per se is not what folks are hungry for at a church. And while it might be the "traditional" mindset of the church that gets nailed for decline, I think it has more to do with the "refuge" mindset of the church.

We are a refuge, a closed society, a tight knit group. That's probably the mindset of more of your "traditional" churches which just doesn't resonate with the 35 and younger crowd of today...

PaPaMarc said...

I think if he would define "Traditional" as historical, Biblical as maybe represented at the Founders site. He might be surprised at the number of students leaning that way.