April 25, 2007

Ahhh Musicians...They're The Woist!

I really don't have a good reason for posting this other than it had some really peculiar parts to the interview.

It's an interview with Neal Morse on Christianity Today where he talks about his latest album Sola Scriptura. Being the reformed being that I am, I checked it out. What's so interesting is how this interview proves out something Tim Keller said last fall at the Desiring God National Conference and that is:

In today's post-modern world, if we dont' slow down and get the Gospel in deep, people are going to take what you share and grab bits and pieces that they want and they will leave the rest and you will be left with a hodge-podge of theological beliefs that does not even come close to traditional Christian Orthodoxy.

I found it be an interesting read as I think it's representative of a LOT of Christians today. Right on some stuff, really wrong on a lot of stuff.

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