April 22, 2007

Is This Truly A Call To Revival?

Or is this a call to follow the law better . As I read the article, one thing really struck me and that was the the name of Jesus is not mentioned ONE time in the article. GOD is mentioned, but not Jesus.

Now isn't that a hair strange to you? If we are to see revival in our land and see a move of the Holy Spirit, don't you think that Jesus would factor into that equation somehwere?

I could easily see where someone comes away from this article thinking that the conditions leading to revival are: 1) Give Money To The Church 2) Quit Sinning

Sounds like a pretty easy equation, until you leave the blood of Jesus spilled at the cross completely out of it. If we are going to see a new fervor amongst American Christianity it will be because we have recaptured the Gospel from this law following approach. The Gospel is the beauty and horror of the lamb slain on the cross and the peace and justification that won for us.

We must fall in love with Jesus anew. Then and only then, will our hearts be changed and conformed to His image.

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