April 18, 2007

Baptisms Are Down In The SBC - Why Do You Think That Is?

There's a post over on the Founders blog talking about a Baptist Press article detailing that baptisms last year were at a 13 year low in the SBC.

The article brings out other issues as well but it's definitely a big "discussion" right now in the convention.


Tony Kummer said...

I saw your post on founder's blog and thought I would stop in. I led our church to start Upward Soccer last year. It went very well. We saw its benefits more in outreach to unchurched families and bringing unity to our people.

Jack Martni said...

Too much emphasis on water baptism as evidence of "genuine converts." The playing field for evangelism has changed and Southern Baptists need to realize this.

Why are these leaders making such a bid deal of stats that cannot, by any real means, be accurately verified.

Do they think that God has taken on the work of a "cosmic bean counter?"