April 12, 2007

Lord Walk Through The Garden Of My Heart

Below is an excerpt from Morning & Evening with Charles Spurgeon. To see the full devotion, go here:
Is there no other King's garden? Yes, my heart, thou art, or shouldst be such. How do the flowers flourish? Do any choice fruits appear? Does the King walk within, and rest in the bowers of my spirit? Let me see that the plants are trimmed and watered, and the mischievous foxes hunted out. Come, Lord, and let the heavenly wind blow at Thy coming, that the spices of Thy garden may flow abroad. Nor must I forget the King's garden of the church. O Lord, send prosperity unto it. Rebuild her walls, nourish her plants, ripen her fruits, and from the huge wilderness, reclaim the barren waste, and make thereof "a King's garden."
It is so much my prayer that my heart would be a lush paradise and not a barren desert. More often than not, though, the day goes by and it isn't watered. Not because God didn't send rain, but because I didn't get out from underneath the umbrella of my pride and ignorance.

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Anonymous said...

I have alwways felt drawn to gardens or to nature itself. To me, I felt thats where I can be alone and spend special times with the Lord. In the front yard, I have planted roses, all kinds of shrubs and flowers and called it ," The Lord's Garden." Gardenias, white and yellow Hawaiian Ginger flowers have filled the air with wonderful scents that only God could create so perfectly. This garden was also my sanctuary and an escape to life's hard day at work and a healing place for many times in the past 2 years of a broken and grieved heart. Many tears have fallen in the garden, and hours have spent with the Lord and I. In the cool of the evening, I would go into the Garden and talk or cry to my Lord. My Beloved mother was called home to Him 2 years ago, and though I miss her so much, I would go into the garden on those days when "missing her" was too much. Mother loved the Lord with a passion. I still can hear her voice and her wonderful intercessory prayers for love ones to be saved when she was here on earth. To think that now, she walks and talks with the Lord who she dearly loved and served just bring my heart to joy. But still, ...my daughter's human heart still miss her and at times, I go into the garden and let tears fall...and among the beautiful flowers and the air filled with perfume, a gentle breeze sweeps in and I hear the voice of the Lord telling me He understands and he heals once again my broken heart. Since Mom went home with Him....it has actually magnified my faith and desires for Him. Jesus is now my strenght, my joy and He is the one I total have to depend on just to get me starting for the day. I have to rely on Him. Before, I thought I could rely on myself to make things happen. No longer. I came across this site and was propelled to write and share this with maybe someone who needed to see this. May this speak to someone who may need to know that Jesus is there. He has never left your side. In His love He knows what we go thru. He's been there. He understands our weaknesses. There are things we won't understand, and there are things we are not to figure out. Its's Jesus who will do just that. Go into 'Your Garden" whatever place you have designated for the Lord. Could be a room in the house, a place where you eat lunch at your job, anywhere....meet him there, let him heal you...
Jo/ Ewa Beach, Hawaii