April 18, 2007

Are The Doctrines Of Grace Heresy?

Here is a post you have got to check out. It seems that Mr. Falwell has some choice words for those who would subscribe to a certain view of the atonement. Well worth the three minutes to read.


truthkeeper said...

The man makes a point I have been trying to make for a long time. Why is each persons beleifs a reason to condemn others in the body? If their thinking is correct, what do they do with their belief of once saved always saved. Do they beleive these others were never saved? If so what do they base that on? What sort of body only has one part? I know I would like to disown my knees but it seems impossible to walk without them.
What say you??

The Outsider

Marc Backes said...

My opinion is the debate and exchanges are far too heated and laced with terms and emotion not helpful to anyone within the Body of Christ.

It's interesting in light of the admonishment that Paul gave to the Corinthians ("why do you boast as though you did not receive it") that we continually try to establish the intellectual high ground by means other than honest dialogue (personal attack, slander, name calling, libel, etc).

If insight and knowledge of the truth is a gift given from God, why do we carry on in such a way as to berate another person who has not received the insight? And when do we ever simply reach a point where we have shared what we can share, but sensing a closed door, simply move on to our next sovereignly appointed destination.

Those are my thoughts...