June 26, 2007

When Did We Get So Lazy?

I mean seriously. It's amazing to me in today's world how many people are just plain lazy. They don't want to work. They don't understand the concept of work. They think life, rewards, success, respect should just be handed to them as if they are owed something. One word for that train of thought my friends: CRAP!

If you go to Wikipedia and look up laziness, you're going to find this definition:

"Laziness is the lack of desire to perform work or expend effort."

Amen to that! And you know here's the thing. If you have a job, whether you LIKE your job or not. Whether you think your JOB is fulfilling or not. Whether you THINK your company knows what you bring to the table or not. Whether you FEEL like you should be doing something else. Whether you SENSE you're underappreciated or not.

IT DOESN'T FREAKING MATTER! And you know why? Because you are receiving a stinking paycheck and your butt had better be busting it as hard as you can. And if you're not going all out for the place you work for, you know what that's called? STEALING. You are stealing dollars that someone else is paying you and giving them less than what they are paying for in return.

So here's a checklist to know whether you are stealing from your employer or not:

1) You spend more time on the internet looking at worthless news, items, blogs, ideas, etc than you do actually engaged in your job

2) You find ways to engage in hour long discussions about TV programs instead of doing your job

3) When asked to do work by your employer, you give less than 100% effort or give excuses as to why you are not getting your work done

4) You spend time talking to family and friends on the phone instead of doing your job. News flash: You're getting paid to work, not talk to your best friend. If you want to get paid to talk to your best friend, start a business together and you can talk all you want. Until then, do your job.

5) When asked to do work that may not be exactly what you want to do, you "creatively" find ways to not do your work and engage in the activities that "really" matter to you.

Those are five. I could come up with more. Let me say something here. In my life, I have loaded chickens, cleaned out pig pens, fried chicken, grilled steaks, worked convenience stores, stared at computer screens all day, drove until I fell asleep, put my life in peril in adverse weather conditions, etc etc all because THAT'S WHAT MY EMPLOYER WAS PAYING ME TO DO.

And as long as you are getting a paycheck, you OWE it as a Christian and as a decent human being to give your employer 100%. And if you're not, it's not your employer that you're hurting the most. You're offending God and blaspheming the name you claim as a Christian. You're a disgrace to the name that you claim. Jesus was a carpenter. The apostles were fisherman. THEY KNEW HOW TO WORK. And so should you.

Do not do your work as though you are doing it unto man, for you are doing unto the Lord. Ultimately it is him that you have to answer to. Live with it. Deal with it. And quit stealing from your company!

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Anonymous said...

Would the same not hold true for the keeping of one's physical body? Those of us that are overweight or unkept would be lazy in God's eyes as well.