June 07, 2007

Are You Cursed?

That's essentially the question Adrian Warnock takes up on his blog today after an interview he did with the authors of "Pierced For Our Transgressions".

Evidently the interview caused some uproar and Adrian uses today's blog post to explain his interview but also not to back down.

So here's the question to ask yourself, and he forces you to ask as well.

Is what you believe about what happened on the cross essential to your salvation?


Peter Kirk said...

No. What is essential to my salvation is what Jesus did, and my faith and trust in him. I am not saved by my theological understanding of the cross or any other doctrine, which would be salvation by works, but by grace and faith. Do you believe anything different?

Marc Backes said...


I must say first off that I feel overmatched at the outset even commenting on your comment. I've visited your new blog and am impressed with the resume and background and work that you are engaged in.

You are to be commended. I've often wondered what being with Wycliffe would be like? It appears you are making valuable contributions to the kingdom of God.

I've found the whole controversy surrounding Adrian his opponents very interesting indeed. Quite frankly, the fact that there is a debate on PSA is intriguing to me because for most in the states, they wouldn't have the first clue of what you speak about when you mention PSA.

With that said, as I look at the issue, is a crystal clear understanding of PSA essential for salvation in Christ? Surely not. Regeneration, faith, trust, repentance all can happen without being able to articulate the finer points of the atonement of at that moment having a clear understanding of the full nature of the atonement.

BUT, I think at a most fundamental level, a true understanding, and therefore an understanding that can lead to true repentance and faith, of the fact that Jesus paid a penalty for you and took a punishment that wasn't His to bear is crucial. Otherwise, judgement for sin and propitiation lose their meaning.

If Jesus was just my example, then there was nothing there that takes away my sin and makes me white as snow. There had to be something occur on that cross that essentially appeased wrath.

Does that mean a convert will exactly understand all the facets of the atonement, surely not. But it wasn't just an example spurring me on to be good. It was a transaction that I didn't deserve. His life is lost so mine is gained.

That's my belief.