June 10, 2007

Sunday Morning Sabbath

The Lord's day is a day of rest, therefore, here are some readings sure to help you laugh, relax, and enjoy the Creator today!

- Prone To Wander - Lord I Feel It!

- When Did You Walk The Aisle?

- Name It And Claim It Actually Works!

- I Don't Have A Square To Spare

- Why Can't We Just Say NO Anymore?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just read your comment on Penelope Trunk's blog & wonder why you think that she is so "different" (even though your "point" was that you agree with some). Has she ever said that she is *not* a Christian? I think that a lot of her readers are Christians, and if you look at other comments you will see that a lot are male as well.

I am mostly interested because I was raised in the sort of Christian community that liked to assume that everyone who cared about work and money was "secular" and thus not Christian. Is this your view?