June 19, 2007

A New Day

Indeed. This day brings my first day in over 5 years that I have not been a member of the Upward Unlimited team. It is a day filled with hope, possibility and potential as I begin the next chapter of this crazy life.

Yesterday was a day I will never forget. It was a day in which God affirmed so many things that he has done and is currently doing in my life. I look forward to pursuing His call on my life to proclaim His word to a lost and hurting world.

As I reflect on 5 years with Upward, the thing that stands out most to me are the moments that God used to grow me. And the people he used to grow me. They are precious to me and loved beyond measure. God moves in mysterious ways and His ways are definitely above ours. May God's glory be the pursuit of Upward and may she seek Him with all she has.

It's exciting and unsure to be at the start of another journey whose destination is unsure. But these are the times that make you dependent on God the way you ought to be. Wholly, completely HIS! Prosperity and success so often cause our focus to shift away from God. Change and new beginnings are good ways to put you back in love with Jesus.

God, be with the Backes family on this journey. Guide us, protect us, deliver us from evil, and give us all that we need (not all that we want). And Father be with Upward! Guide her, protect her, and use her in a mighty way.

And for those who might be inclined to read this. If you know of a good church who believes in the Supremacy of God, who loves Jesus with all that it has, and who is currently looking for someone to lead the flock....I'm all ears and would love to talk with you! (THIS HAS BEEN A SHAMELESS PLUG).

The Jonah Syndrome will return to normal commentary and regularity starting now. I apologize for the absence. It was necessary and prudent.


Anonymous said...

Glad to have The Jonah Syndrome back! Your contribution at Upward has been immeasurable. There will be a Marc-sized void. Thank you for your passion, your insight and your heart! You will be missed, but will forever remain a treasured friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm very excited for what God has in store for you. You are so right about prosperity and success changing our focus... Keep your passion and Love for our Savior.