June 04, 2007

I Think Homosexuality Is The Only Sin Left

Or at least that's the impression you would get if you were to go to the Baptist Press' website. Here are three articles on the front page at the same time:

- Aussie Homosexual Bar Bans Heterosexuals From Bars
- New Poll Shows Greater Acceptance Of Homosexuality In The US
- Strategist Named For Homosexual Outreach

Note some headlines you probably won't see anytime in the future:
- Strategist Named For Gluttony And Laziness Outreach
- New Poll Shows Most Christians In American Churches Can't Name Any Fruits Of The Spirit
- Christian Spending On Bigger Housing A Real Problem To Caring For Orphans And Widows
- "Hit And Run" Evangelism Leading To Cheap Converts? What Shall The Convention Do?

But those are just a few I suspect won't be written anytime soon. Do you realize careless financial practices, malice, gossip, church splits, cheap grace, lazy orthodoxy, out of control television viewing, lack of self control, gluttony, etc etc are far bigger problems right now.

Have you ever thought about the fact that if you had Christians who were being transformed by the renewing of their mind (God's Word) and that even understood ONE THING about interpersonal relationships that your homosexual outreach efforts would be outstanding. Why is it we feel the need to target all this effort on ONE MINORITY group.

Is it wrong? Yes. Should they stop? Yes Will They Stop? Probably Not Why? Because they're lost and they're supposed to act that way. What did you do when you were lost? Were you a choir boy? Did you have your act together? Is that why Jesus chose you? The answer is we ARE ALL alien and hostile in mind towards God and stand condemned apart from Jesus Christ.

Why is it that it is so much easier to point a cannon at lost people and demand they stop than perform surgery on your dead, lifeless, pointless, hopeless, mean spirited Christians? Take the log out of your own eye so you can remove the speck. Introduce resolutions and outreaches to your current churches whose knowledge and practice of Scripture is paper thin.

You wanna see communities transformed? Wipe all your church membership rolls clean, interview all your members again, find out which ones are saved and not saved. Kick the non-saved out until they get saved, and get your saved ones serious about the Gospel and living for a "hope laid up for them".

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