June 15, 2007

If You Wish Upon A Star

We all know the ending to that song and I can't tell you how many times I heard that today. Today was my last and final day here at the Magic Kingdom.

It's late, I've carried a 30 pound living being on my shoulders for most of the day, everyone is asleep in the hotel room and I'm getting ready to go to bed. So what has God taught me during these days in this place "where dreams come true".

- He's made the Gospel more real to me and shown me that no matter how pretty we dress it up, nothing (including Disney World) will ever fulfill the human soul.

- He's shown me the lowest and most filthy parts of my soul. Nothing shows you your sin more than this type of experience. And nothing brings you face to face with how pathetic you are than days like these past ones.

- He's shown me that in spite of that sin, He blesses me and shows me grace and mercy nonetheless. Mercy that was purchased by Jesus at the cross. Mercy still reserved for me.

- He's kindled a new love for my boys. Holding my youngest son while he slept tonight brought me to tears. They're young, growing, little men. And I pray that God causes them to be mighty, courageous, sold out, heavenly minded, rejoicing sufferers, and bold for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

- He's reminded me of a precious wife. A help-mate like no other. And one he destined for me. Thank God for her.

- He's shown me that no matter how "big" the thrills man creates, He's going to have them "infinitely" larger both in the duration they last and the magnitude of which they consume. I had this thought watching the downtown parade tonight. You know, one day we are going to have a parade for Jesus and it will last for eternity. This lasted for 20 minutes and people will remember it the rest of their lives. Now just what is eternity with Jesus going to be like. Also, Space Mountain (you have to ride it if you haven't) provided "BIG" thrills but only for 2 1/2 minutes. Jesus will fulfill every longing of my soul for time never ending. How amazing to put Disney World in the context of the Gospel and see how pathetic and weak it is comapred to the Almighty Jesus

- He's shown me that women need to wear more clothes. Period. There's no excuse for what's happening in America. It's sad. It turns girls/women into visual prostitutes. It's appalling and dads, moms, and husbands all over America should be ashamed of themselves for either "actively" or "passively" allowing their daughters/wives to essentially wear bra and panties in full view of thousands of people. For the love of all that is relevant and holy, cover yourself up. Find your fulfillment in the loving arms of Almighty Jesus and not in the visual looks of men.

- He's shown me how much money is wasted on crap in this country. I had the chance to drop $30 today on getting my boys face painted. We didn't, but we could have. If someone tells you they cant' afford to tithe, give generously and joyfully, and support widows, orphans, and starving peoples, you call them a bold face liar to their face and don't ever regret doing it. There are billions of dollars being flushed down the toilet and God will hold us accountable for wasting his money.

- He's shown me how desperately people need the Gospel. Not religion. Not rules. Not cutesy artsy fartsy "emergent' crap. The Gospel...pure and un-adulterated. It's the only thing that will save the world. It's the only hope we have.

- He's given me ideas of what the crap it will mean will all that we are enjoying here on Earth is laid waste by fire and the new heavens and the new earth are created. What are we going to do when Disney World is destroyed and Mickey Mouse fades into oblivion because a NEW King is on the throne of his eternal castle.

- Lastly, he's caused me to be thankful for food, air conditioning, clothes, family, buses, water, medicine, beds, pillows, shoes, computers, showers, indoor plumbing, people, health, strength, and the list could go on and on. If you are an un-grateful person then you DO NOT understand the Gospel and you need to repent. The fact that you can stand up in the morning is a testament to Grace and I've seen first hand over the last few days how un-grateful we can be as people. It's disgusting. God please change me and change all of us to be thankful and grateful people for the grace and mercy You display.

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