June 20, 2007

The Only Constant In Life

Is Change! It's the most true oxymoron that exists out there but yet it's the one that we as people struggle with the most. We don't deal well with change. We fear it. In our jobs, in our marriages, in our churches, in our children, in anything in life. We don't like change. And as I've thought about that over the last few days, several things have struck me about this situation so many people find themselves in. So here are my reasons why we don't do well with change.

1) We trust in man more than we trust in God!

And the converse of that is that we fear man more than we fear God. Jesus said in Matthew 10:28 "Do not fear he who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul, but rather fear him who can destroy both body and soul in hell". I think what Jesus is saying in that passage is that God is the one we need to reckon with, not man. God is the one we will ultimately stand before and have to give an account for every action of our lives. There is no man that has any power other than that granted to him and allowed by God.

So therefore, why should we fear change. If it is God who we should entrust our souls to, and if it is Jesus who upholds the universe by the power of His might, then why do we trust in man more than we trust in God? We trust man to provide for our needs. Yet it is God who says that we are to ask him to "give us this day our daily bread". Man doesn't provide for our needs. God does. Why do we trust man to provide for our security when it is God who promised the only true security "eternal security". Why do we trust in man to provide our emotional and relational needs when it is God who say that "He shall supply ALL our needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus". Why do we trust in many to provide for us financially when it was God who gave manna from heaven to the wandering Isreaelites?

Our trust in man is unbiblical. Our fear of man is unbiblical. We fail to embrace change because we don't have a proper view of God and we don't have a high view of God. When you know and can embrace that God is sovereign, in control, and cares for you in the most intimate way possible, embracing change really does become an easy thing.

2) We fear it!
How many people know that a change is necessary but don't initiate the change because they fear what that change will mean. They fear the loss of a job. They fear the loss of money. They fear the loss of friends. They fear the lost of status. And yet the Bible says "God has NOT given us a spirit of fear, but of POWER, LOVE, AND A SOUND MIND".

We can't live our lives in fear. Fear is nothing more than pride flipped upside down. It is a negative pride that says God won't possible take care of me therefore I need to take care of myself. Nothing more unbiblical could be said. How many folks waste their life doing something they really don't care to do, when God has called them to do something else, simply because they fear the unknown of change. It's a natural human emotion to fear the unknown. But it's in the unknown that we draw closer to Jesus. It's in the unknown that we discover the authenticity of our faith. It's in the unknown that we discover just how real and personal God is. And for those very reasons alone, venturing into the uknown is the most exciting journey you can embark on.

Oh but how many people never take a step onto an unknown path because of fear. If you live your life in fear, it will cripple you. It will disable you. And you will always be gripped by it, controlled by it, destroyed by it. How many times in the Scriptures do we see God saying "BE NOT AFRAID". God never meant for us to live our lives in fear. He meant for us to be bold, courageous, and adventuresome.

So many people will never truly experience God because they fear the change that would have to take place. What a sad way to live. What a sad way to die.

Don't ever hold back from pursing what God has for you in life. Don't ever miss an opportunity to do something new simply because you fear change. There is freedom in change. And there is excitement in change. And there is a dependency on God in change. It's the only constant thing. And it's one of the main ways to make sure you stay close to God.


PaPaMarc said...

Thanks for the post. I know you are going through changes now and I have just recently had my job responsibilities change, again.
The biggest change in my life now though is leaving a church that my family and I have been members of for 22 years. It has been very tough. I don't know what a divorce feels like but I think this may be similar.

Anonymous said...

Those last three paragraphs are awesome! Very true and inspiring!!