March 12, 2007

I've Finished Reading "The Present Future"

Overall, a really great book by Reggie McNeal....

Here are the six wrong questions he says the church is asking:

  1. How Do We Do Church Better?
  2. How Do We Grow This Church?
  3. How Do We Turn Members Into Ministers?
  4. How Do We Develop Church Members?
  5. How Do We Plan For The Future?
  6. How Do We Develop Leaders For Church Work?
Does your church ask these questions. Because if you read this book, you're going to get a really good explanation as to why they are the wrong ones. A very challenging book. A little on the esoteric side of things and splitting some hairs on some semantics, BUT a book that I believe is fairly dead on about the future of the church...

To give you a little taste of what you will read:

I'm talking about the church world in North America. A world that has largely forsaken its missional covenant with God to be a part of kingdom expansion. It has, instead, substituted its own charter of church as a clubhouse where religious people hang out with other people who think, dress, behave, vote, and believe like them......I believe there are many people like me in the church who, in terms of their church experience, want to script a different story from the one they are a part of now

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