January 05, 2008

Resolved (Day 3)

I'm adding Edwards fourth resolution back into this post as I think it more aptly fits there. The resolution that I want to focus on today is his 5th:

#5 - Resolved: never to lose one moment of time, but to improve it in the most profitable way I possibly can

How much time do we waste in life. On TV, on sleeping too long, on reading un-important blogs or articles, on arguing, or worrying, on whatever. One of our greatest downfalls is that we don't make the most of the time we're given to live. We're wasteful. We're ignorant. We're stupid.

We live life without an eternal focus. We live life in undisciplined ways. We live life apathetic toward truly important things. We don't get the fact that life is a vapor and is here today and gone tomorrow.

And if you need evidence of this, go to funerals often and here the comments that are shared. Things like:

  • I wish I could have spent more time with them
  • God took them from us too early
  • I never got a chance to tell them how much I loved them
  • I miss them
  • It doesn't seem real that they are gone

All those statements reflect in one way or another our human tendency to waste the opportunities we've been given and to take tomorrow for granted. Jonathan Edwards saw this. He knew that even though 50 or 60 years seems like a long time, it's not. We will all be gone very shortly. In the eternal span of things, we will all be gone in a second.

I think another of Satan's great ploys is to get us to waste the precious life God has given us and to convince us to waste it away watching stupid, banal, idiotic television shows or arguing about politics or playing online games all day.

In a way, this is the great challenge for me in blogging. Am I doing this to be profitable in my spiritual journey for me? Or am I doing this and simply wasting time?

Have you ever asked yourself what the components are of profitable moments and endeavors in life vs. what the marks of wasteful ones are?

We should. We don't. What a waste.

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