August 11, 2007

The Road Home - Day 2

Greenville - Atlanta - Chattanooga - Nashville - Paducah
And Kentucky is where we landed tonight for the evening. This day certainly had its share of interesting moments. Now I might not be like everyone else, but I LOVE long drives. They energize me, challenge me, and crystallize me. I have time to get away from everyone, and everything. And be alone, in the midst of my air-drums, my loud music, my sermons on MP3, my Mountain Dew and my snacks. There are many things to love about long car rides, but spending time alone with God is certainly the main one...

A couple of things you'll find amusing about the past 24 hours.

- Try taking two young boys out behind a gas station where there is a deep line for the restroom and they've been riding in a car for three hours with lots of water in them. The results are hilarious

- If you want one of the best laughs you've ever had, drive down the highway with your spouse, right alongside one another, and talk to each other on your cellphones, while looking at one another. It's like watching a Japanese movie with English voiceovers. It was quite the riot.

We had the chance to hook up with a good friend (affectionately nicknamed "Salt") and spend a few minutes with him this afternoon. We talked about life, work, church, Jesus, family, etc. And he asked me this question:

"How do you take a guy who has grown up in church all his life, and get him to engage the lost culture where it is at, without judgementalism flaring up and getting in the way of everything?"...

I gave a long answer that I won't repeat here, but I so appreciate Michael and love his heart. He is a guy passionate about Jesus and he wants to reach lost people, but the question is "how"...and you know, I think that's a question that most people in Christianity are asking right now...and it's a topic I'll probably take up on the blog next week. Tonight, time for bed.

Tomorrow's journey takes us Paducah - Sikeston - Poplar Bluff - Mountain Grove - Rogersville - Springfield.

One more thing, if you're the driver of the Volkswagen Beetle who was going 40MPH in a 70MPH zone on I-85 today, I truly apologize for the incident...

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