August 16, 2007

Acts 29 Quarterly - A Day Late

(Left to Right: Lane Harrison, Dwayne Thompson, Me, Lee, Trent [In Front])

Sorry for being a day late on the post. Most probably didn't notice but for those who did, we had a huge day over in Springfield yesterday getting some things squared away now that we are on the ground.

The quarterly was awesome. The Journey did a nice job of putting this on. Not too long, not too short, but enough time to have some great conversations, meet some really good folks and then get out and get on with your week.

Darrin Patrick (Lead Pastor of The Journey) spoke to us for about an hour on the topic of being a Gospel centered missional church. He used Acts 2 as his text and just simply used each phrase as a bullet point of characteristics that the church should exhibit. He talked about Churchville (many of you have or currently do live in Churchville) and how the church has to be different today to be effective. Jonathan McIntosh then gave a session on how to exegete the culture. I didn't get to sit in on this one but am looking forward to hearing the audio of it.

The audio should go up on the Acts 29 site sometime shortly. I'll do a brief post when I find it so you can hear the two sessions.

With all that said, the best part for me was to see over 100 church planters, future church planters, and established pastors there to hear about how we can be missional in our culture. To be able to ask them questions about their churches, what they are doing, what they are stopping doing, what they would change, and just details about how they do it was really beneficial for someone looking to start a church in the near future.

A note on the picture above. Lane and Dwayne are the real deals. Spending two days with these guys was the absolute highlight. Two brothers in Christ, two guys who are flat gettin after it. And they're a scream to be around on top of it. It's nice to be around folks who are more concerned with substance rather than style and image.

More to come in the upcoming days. Including my thoughts on the missional church.

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