August 10, 2007

The Road Home - Day 1

So this is what it feels like after loading your house? Dead to the world, unable to move, every bone and muscle in your body hurting. And you look back on the day and smile. It's a good feeling as we all head off to sleep.

I wanted to introduce you to some folks as they stood out today. First up:

These folks are awesome. They were our neigbors for the last 13 months and we couldn't have asked for better. You know what's funny. I've heard a lot of people who talk about Jesus. How grand their visions are for what they are going to do for Jesus. How many millions they are going to reach for Jesus. The great feats they will accomplish in the name of Jesus.

Bob and Leah. They do for Jesus. Small things. Little things. Meaningful things. When I learned of my mom's suicide in January, it was Bob who was there with a prayer and a $20 bill to help. When I needed a tool to complete a job, it was Bob who opened the door. When my wife needed help or my kids needed a very kind word, it was Leah delivering exactly what was needed. And today, they were the epitome of what living like Jesus actually is. They invited us into their home early this morning for breakfast. They were around all day asking what we needed. They were selfless. So many times, grand visions are nothing more than selfishness on display. It's small, humble acts that show Jesus truly has changed you. And they are wonderful people.

I will never forget them. And in many ways, they are the people that I am saddest to have departed from. Thank you Bob and Leah for always being like Jesus in what you do, say, and think. I hope I can put your example to good work in my life. I love you guys...

And one of Leah's great acts today (since it was like 200 stinkin degrees here in SC) was to get an ice cold pitcher of water for these guys:

From left to right: (Duck "Darren", Big Man "Terrence", Rick, Amigo "Jesus", and David)

We've moved SEVEN times in 9 years. I've never had a better loading crew. These guys were awesome and we had the best time together. Laughing, cuttin up, sweatin (hard), eatin Subway sandwiches (and BIG MAN could eat), and sharing stories. They flat got it done and they did it in a professional manner. They dont' make much money and most of them have to work 2 jobs to support their families. But there they were, in 105 degree heat, loading my worldly possessions onto a semi.

You know, these great people who have great visions for Jesus, I want to ask you a simple question - "WHEN was the last time you got to know somone like Rick in the picture above?" When was the last time you stepped out of your ivory tower "church" world and got real with people. Or is your world all about the "influential" Chritians who can get you somewhere. You know what, Jesus hung out with hookers, thieves, and liars. And I found out today, that I fit in much better with normal, everyday, hardworking guys than I do "proper", "legalistic", and "successful" Christian Pharisees.

If you are going to claim the name of Jesus, then you had better be able to connect with the common folk and live their life and share the Gospel and watch it transform their world. Otherwise, you are a phony. And if you want to know if your'e a phony...ask yourself one question:

"How many lost people do you have as friends?" If the answer is zero, you may want to re-evaluate whether or not the Gospel means anything to you or not....

Thank you Bob and Leah! Thank you CREW! You all are awesome...and you made the first day of my new chapter in life...a very memorable one. May God bless you richly. Thank you for letting me be a part of your world....

Now...time to be intimate with the inside of my eyelids...Adios Amigo...

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