August 13, 2007

2:45 P.M (Central Daylight Time)

August 12th. When we arrived home in Nixa, MO. We made it. And God truly was amazing during the trip and answered so many prayers we had. Jenni was able to stay awake - which almost never happens. The boys were awesome during the trip. No automobile troubles. All valuable electronics and other assorted items made it to the rental house in tact. Now we wait for the rest of our stuff to arrive this coming Saturday.

Last night was awesome. And I'll be blogging more about it over the coming days, but I had the privelege of attending an event called "Celebrate Lifepoint". It was a Sunday night service at LifePoint Church in Ozark, MO. LifePoint is an Acts 29 church and is pastored by a good looking bald gentleman named Lane Harrison.

Lane, I, and several others are leaving today to go to St. Louis for a couple days to attend an Acts29 quarterly meeting at The Journey. It should be a great time to get to know a lot of the pastors in the network here in the Midwest and also to talk with folks about church planting and just getting to know them in general. Be looking for the updates and highlights from this.

For those who prayed for our trip home - Thank You. For those who didn't - we love you too.

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