October 23, 2007

It Ain’t Ever Gonna Be That Way

I heard those words yesterday in reference to a discussion of how things could be regarding a situation. I was describing how a situation ought to be and how it could one day come to pass and the person I was talking about it with said those words to me.

Which got me to thinking and I'll expound more on this week hopefully:

Why are we as humans so negative in regard to looking to the future and imagining a reality that is different from what we are currently experiencing?

Is it that we simply don't trust God as I've said here before? Is it that we are so ingrained in our current way of life and thinking that we can't imagine it being any different? Is it that we don't think God is able to do anything more than he is currently doing? Is it that we are so bogged down in sin that we are oppressed by its hold on our lives? Is it that we don't see the good in situations and people? Is it that we've never been taught to see potential?

This has huge ramifications not only in the business world where I ran across it, but in the ministry and church world as well. Why are we so poor at imagining what the future may be and then having the courage and boldness to attempt to see it come to pass? Why are we so content to stay right where we are at in life and not do anything more?

I'm pondering that right now…and I thought you may want to today as well!

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