October 11, 2007

Don’t Call Me Eric Clapton

But I did buy this guitar yesterday. It's a Taylor 100 series that I purchased from Springfield Music Company. My good friend and strikingly good looking worship leader Dennis Smith assisted me with the purchase. Truth be told, he actually picked out the guitar and I just purchased it. I have no idea what I was looking for so I trusted his very good judgment.

I've started playing and I took my first lesson from Mr. Smith yesterday. And I have to say this: If you ever want to feel your left hand fingers, don't ever pick up a guitar. My hand hurts bad and I've only been playing for a day. I've also read that guitar players have a hard time picking their nose accurately so I'm not looking forward to that. I'm a frequent nose picker (like my schnaz to be clean) and the thought of not being able to feel the dirty elements that might collect inside my nostril is not appealing to me. I'll make due. I might have to find a nose squeegee or something. Not sure if there are actually things called nose squeegees but I've now given you a good idea for an invention.

So why did I spend $650 on a musical instrument. Well, two reasons really. And both are good and valid in my opinion.

  1. Because if I going to plant a church, I want to be able to lead small groups, big groups, the church, youth, kids, anyone in a time of musical worship. I've seen too many people resort to playing CD's or alike and I just think that it's important to be able play the guitar. It's a good sounding instrument, easy to learn comparatively, and just a Godly instrument in my estimation. Some of my fondest memories are sitting around a bonfire with someone playing the guitar and leading us in singing. I want to be able to do that.
  2. More importantly, I want to be able to lead my family in worship. I have to confess I haven't been the best in the world at leading a regular worship time for my wife and boys, but I wanted that to change. I'm not interested in the piano, but I'm fascinated with the guitar. Been playing an air version of it most of my adult life. I think it's important to teach and lead our families as men into worship. That's the responsibility God's given me. And I hope I can be faithful in fulfilling that responsibility.

And if I had my doubts as to whether I was on the right track, you should have seen my boy's faces when I strummed just a simple G chord for them. I think we're in for a dandy of a time. I want to leave a strong spiritual legacy for my family.

Pray for me if you think about it. Pray that God would teach me the guitar in record time. Pray that my fingers would feel numb faster. Pray that God use my time with the guitar as glorifying to Him. And thank you Dennis for going with me.


eric sparks said...


I picked up guitar 10 years ago with no intentions except to be able to entertain myself. I paid $450 for the guitar and it's helped pay for 3 kids, 3 cars, 2 houses, 1 engagement/wedding ring, and pretty much every meal and every purchase I've had the past 10 years, all for the glory of God. Needless to say it was a good investment.

I pray that your experience is as good or better than mine with a guitar. Good choice on the ax by the way.


Anonymous said...

Rock on Marcus!!