October 08, 2007

Eternity Is One Step Closer

It's official. Yesterday, I was blessed with the honor of becoming the church planting intern at LifePoint church in Ozark, MO. The past ten weeks have been an awesome time for Jenni and I as we have gone through the process of being accepted into leadership at LifePoint.

Along the way we have gotten to know a great group of men who serve as the elders at our church. They are a wide-ranging group of businessmen and entrepreneurs but one thing is evident from the moment you meet them: They take very seriously their roles in shepherding, guiding, and protecting LifePoint and serving her well.

When Jenni and I interviewed with the elders, I must say it was one of the most interesting interviews I have ever been a part of. Mainly because of the focus and the probing into the strength of our marriage, our family, our beliefs, our devotional practices, our lives, etc. At every step of the way, we were asked hard questions, even at the last elder meeting before the announcement would make it official. I love that about people in leadership. If you are going to lead, and hold the office of overseer (in any organization) you had better be able to ask the hard questions of others and also yourselves. I've seen and am seeing organizations crumble from the inside out because they refuse to ask and answer hard questions and deal with the real issues at hand.

I also have to give some online love to Lane & Christin Harrison (Lead Pastor) and Dennis & Sue Smith (Worship Pastor). These guys and their wives have been awesome to get to know and even more cool to develop friendships with. They are men of integrity. They are men committed to the body of believers that God has brought to them. They are creative. They are energetic. They are passionate. They are in tune with God's vision for the church. They are focused. They are real. They are true. And they have welcomed me in and shown true Christian hospitality. I can't thank them enough for that. They are busy guys, but they weren't too busy to welcome us. I appreciate that and love them dearly for that.

And I would be remiss if I didn't talk about the great key leadership at LifePoint. Sarah (JazzyJo), Chris Austin, Micah Osborne, Heather and Dallas Gilion, Matt Solidum, Kellie Webb, and all of our Community Group leaders. They are great folks who want to see, and know God is doing something special at LifePoint. I have met and talked at length will almost all of them. It's a special group and LifePoint couldn't do what it does without them. They are truly the hands and feet.

And so, as a church planting intern, my dream of planting Eternity takes one more step to becoming a reality. I look forward to this time of learning and leading. Following and guiding. Listening and teaching. I can't wait to see what God is going to do over the upcoming year. I've learned that a year is forever and it's best not to think too far ahead. But I'm enjoying the ride right now.

Thank you Lane and Dennis. Thank you elder council. Thank you key leadership. Thank you community group leaders. Thank you LifePoint church. Thank you God.


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Anonymous said...

Go get em Sof! Proud of you man.