October 08, 2006

Saturday Was A Good Day (Sports Wise)


This won't be the most spiritual post I've ever written, but did you see what my Missouri Tigers did to the Texas Tech Red Raiders. This game was a little in doubt early in the 2nd Half, but Missouri's defense proved it was just too much. For more coverage of the drubbing, you can go here and here.

Also, my son Trey had a great day in Upward Flag Football. He had several good flag pulls and threw for an extra point.

The St. Louis Cardinals will have to go for a win again on Sunday after losing yesterday.

On a more spiritual note, I see today that Blue Letter Bible (my preferred online Bible site) has added the ESV (English Standard Version) to its list of translations. This is the version of the Bible that I use for reading and study (although I wished I studied more). If you'd like to know why I use it, you can find a good explanation here.

Also, Spurgeon's morning mediation today is awesome! And this was a very encouraging word as well.

Hopefully, more tonight on some of the audio from last week's life changing conference.

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