October 31, 2006

Reformation Day, News, And Systematic Theology

It's Reformation Day! Yes today was the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses! And the world has never been the same.

It's been a while and I'm so sorry for slacking. Here's what has happened since I've been away. We had this. And then there was this. Leading up to this.

God is amazing that he keeps giving me devotions that hit me right where I'm at. This just pegs it for me right now!

So we're in Chapter 2 of Systematic Theology by Wayne Gruden. Chapter 2 focuses on the doctrine of the Word of God.

Gruden breaks down The Word Of God into two basic forms:

A) "The Word of God" as a Person: Jesus Christ

B) "The Word of God" as Speech By God

His Scriptures he uses as proof that Jesus is the word of God are: (Revelation 19:13) (John 1:1) (1John 1:1)

He then breaks down B) into 4 types of speech:

1) God's Decrees: (Gen 1:3) (Gen 1:24) (Ps 33:6). Decree defined here!

2) God's Words of Personal Address: (Gen 2:16-17) (Gen 3:16-19) (Exo 20:1-3) (Matt 3:17)

3) God's Words As Speech Through Human Lips - AKA Prophets (Deut 18:18-20) (Jer 1:9) (Jer 1:7) (Exo 4:12) (Num 22:38) (1Sam 15:3) (1Kings 20:36) (Isa 30:12-14)

4) God's Words In Written Form - AKA The Bible - This is the main focus of systematic theology. (Ex 32:16) (Ex 34:1) (Ex: 34: 28) (Deut 31:24-26)

He goes on to give benefits of why having God's words written down are important. And finishes out the chapter. For the most part I was really wondering "Well Duh, Yea It's God's Word" but then I began to think about the fact that I dont' take God's word seriously nor do I meditate on it day and night. Then he asked the following question to close out the chapter and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Question: Do you think you would pay more attention if God spoke to you from heaven or through the voice of a living prophet than if he spoke to you from the written words of Scripture? Would you believe or obey such words more readily
than you do the scriptures? Do you think your present level of response to the written words of Scripture is an appropriate one?

Wow...kick me down and call me stupid. it's true in my life. I'm sure it's true in others. Why would we listen to his voice more readily than we do his book. They are both the Word of God.

In case you think this is a rudamentary point and it's a given that the Bible is the Word of God, read here, here, and here. I'm beginning to take less and less for granted in life.

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