March 04, 2008

The Pressure Was Intense

And with each passing moment you could feel the temperature in the room rise. On and on it went until it was finally down to two gladiators standing toe to toe ready to do battle. They stared each other down, each one answering the bell knowing that sooner or later the other would have to falter. And then it happened - one of them slipped and just like that it was over. And what seemed like an eternity came to a screeching halt.

No ladies and gentleman this was not a professional mixed martial arts fight. This was a second grade spelling bee. And the lad in the red shirt with a medal around his neck is my son. Although he didn't take home the title of champion, he did take home an award.

If you've never been to a 2nd grade spelling bee, I highly recommend you go. Make sure you get snacks and a drink first as it is likely to last far longer than you had anticipated. Also, bring tissues as it was heartbreaking to see some of the kids fall to pieces after mis-spelling words.

And one rant here: I think it's proposterous that once a kid starts spelling a word - that if they catch themselves spelling it wrongly that they can't go back and spell it correctly. As long as they catch themselves before the end of the word, they ought to be able to start over. What sort of communist world do we live in where little kids are given only half a chance to spell words correctly. But I digress.

Didn't, but, cage, done, ear, chair, key, clothes, learn, fine, book, born, boxes: All the words he spelled right. But then came the dreaded word that brought it to an end: FLOOR...

It was a good time. We poured salt in the winning family's drinks and secretly arranged for them not to be able to make the district spelling bee. My son now has the honor of representing his school in that because the winner was "UNABLE" to make it. Time for the boy to go on a strict regimen of spelling 200 words a night. We may feed him in between sessions but he's gonna have to do a lot better than bowing out on the word "floor".

I'm proud of him and all, but everyone knows these 2nd grade spelling bees are springboards to a bright future for your child. I only want the best for my boy. So it's time to get to work. Time to break out the dictionary and the book of Leviticus - that ought to challenge the spelling abilities.

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The Sparks said...

I guess every child is not a winner in the spelling bee.