March 07, 2008

I've Finished Listening To "You And You Alone"

A few weeks ago, Challies had an offer on his website to contact Pat and Joel Sczebel to receive the latest release from the Sovereign Grace music family.

I took them up on the offer and had Pat send me a copy of the CD (You And You Alone) free with the only condition being that I would talk about it on my blog.

I didn't know what to expect as I have never really dove into the music offerings from Sovereign Grace nor have I ever attended a service at a Sovereign Grace church. So it was a blank canvas.

First impressions are really good. To give you an idea, I'm more of a "words" man than a "music man" which means that I love old hymns and I hate "7-11" songs. For those of you who don't know what "7-11" songs are, they are songs where you sing 7 words 11 times. They drive me nuts.

The reason I like old hymns is not because I necessarily have a fetish for a pipe organ and stoic, non-moving worship. Ask anyone that stands around me on Sunday morning and they'll tell you how many times they have to duck or rearrange their sight line because my wingspan is in their way. Music moves me, but only when truth conveyed through music is present. I digress...

Hymns convey truth. They are theology put to music basically. They are Scripture brought alive to a melody. They convey truth not just feeling. They are primarily about God and not about man.

So I had a sneaking suspicion that this CD would be good because I know of SG's committment to Biblical truth and I suspect their music would be God centered as well. I was right. Here's the titles:

  • Trust In You
  • Over All
  • Yesterday, Today, And Forever
  • The Greatest Of All
  • In You
  • I Surrender All
  • You Are Good
  • Lord You Are Gracious
  • You Alone
  • Jesus, You Are Beautiful
Now, it is striking to note how many of those songs have "I" in the title. One! And it talks about surrendering thereby placing God as the center still. So even at a first glance of the titles, it's a hit already with me. Also, reusing some good hymn titles, another hit with me.

And then you listen to it, and it's solid stuff that you could do in your church and do well. And to that end, they have included the guitar and chord charts on the CD for your benefit. I'll have to say that listening to this took me back to my days at Hope Point Community Church in Spartanburg, SC listening to Josh Ridings lead worship. And those were good days.

This CD is a good mix of celebratory, confessional, and meditative rhythms. Which I like. I don't like worship CD's that have one beat and that's upbeat. So on variety and throwing unique sounds, it's a good one.

Pat and Joel Sczebel have done a great job on this project. I'm glad I got the CD and I would encourage you to order a copy and give to your worship leader as well.

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