February 21, 2008

T -3 And Counting

UPDATE: Tim Chester shared his thoughts on my question several hours before I ever posted - what's ironic is that I didn't know he had written the post until several hours after my post...read his thoughts, they are provoking...

We're getting ever closer to what I pray will be a stellar week in the beautiful town of Seattle.

Here is what has been rattling around today:

If you were gonna start a church, and you were headed to that area by yourself (meaning no one was moving with you), how would you go about developing a core group?

  • Who would be the first people you would talk with?
  • What would your strategy be?
  • Would you simply just start walking down the street and telling people you're starting a church?
  • Would you visit other churches in the area?
  • Are there any other key people that you should make contact with?
  • Where would you begin?
I've been thinking about that question for a few months now and I'm have some ideas but I'm curious to hear other thoughts as well. I've read books, listened to sermons, had conversations and the like, but what should the battle plan be for the soldier that parachutes in?

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