December 11, 2007

Whoever Holds The Guns Holds The Power

So if you believe that all religions are the same and that everyone should be free to determine for themselves what is right for them, then I ask you the following question:

Who ultimately determines what is right?

In the end, whoever holds power determines what is right. That doesn't seem to ring true with us in America because somehow we think we are always going to be the superpower and we are always going to hold the power. History would definitely not be on our side in that assumption.

All empires fall. EVERY ONE. There isn't a single remaining ancient empire. And there is very low likelihood that history will change and thereby guarantee that the United States will exist forever.

So if you can imagine a world where we don't hold the power and someone else does, then you have to understand that they get to determine what is right and what is wrong. That is, if all religion are in fact the same and there are in fact multiple ways to God.

So whoever holds the power, makes the rules. Ultimately, those who believe that every person should be free to determine what is right for them, endorse the rule of cruel dictators, totalitarian regimes, and power mongers. They will say to me: "Marc we do not, what is happening in China, Russia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa etc is terrible and nobody should be treated the way those people are treated. People have rights. People should be free. People should be happy."

And so I will ask you: Why do you think that. Your very worldview says that everyone is free to determine for themselves what is right. So naturally, whoever can grab power and hold it over another now has the control they desperately long for. And who are you to judge whether their precepts are right or wrong? They're just doing what they believe is right. Isn't that what you believe they should be free to do?

And you begin to see very quickly that your whole denial of one way to God. Your whole denial of right and wrong having a transcendent source outside of humanity. Your whole rejection of an authority outside of yourself fails on its own terms because it can never bring peace and happiness, and in fact has led to some of the cruelest, most inhumane regimes in history.

Sooner or later, truth – expressed in right and wrong, has to come from somewhere outside of ourselves. And the real problem you have is not that you believe there is a God, or that you deny the existence of Jesus, but rather, you don't want to accept nor submit to the fact that Jesus may not approve of your lifestyle and habits. You want to be free from judgment, but certainly have not thought through why your worldview is a giant contradiction on its own terms, not mine.

Someone has to make the rules. And unless you want to be subject to the changing wind of men's hearts, then your only hope is to appeal to one whose heart never changes. Where truth is truth now and forever. Where right and wrong is spelled out and never changes. Where you have hope you can bank on.

Everyone doing what is right in their own eyes – ultimately leads to dictatorships and chaos.

I'm not sure that's what you want. I'm pretty sure you don't want someone to point out the sin in your life. You just want to use "inclusive" worldviews to deflect someone from actually pointing out to you where you might need to change.

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