December 27, 2007

Pastor Your City – And Your City Will Be Your Church

Million dollar quote I heard listening to this message over at the Acts29 site on team leadership in church planting.

And I guess for me that quote really encapsulates in a lot of ways what I envision for Eternity.

I'm still processing all that I heard in the thirty minutes of the talk, but truly I think that the truest expression of the Gospel in a community is when it engages the community and opens the doors of opportunity for ministry that may not occur for years but will only occur within the context of a relationship.

As I think back and look at all the churches I've been a part of or have been exposed to, there aren't many (a handful really) that got the idea of engaging lost people and the community just for the sake of the engagement. The guy talking in this message said that his church knew "in a holy fashion" every bartender and waitress on their street and that when they were going through something in life, they were coming to their pastoral leadership team for guidance and help.

So it really puts in perspective for me, who the target group is. Is it enough to just look to pastor your church, or am I going to pray and labor to raise up a team of members, elders, and deacons that will pastor the city where we are.

Fascinating 30 minutes of listening…I highly recommend it..

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Pastor your city dear friends in the congregation. The city is yours! "Pray to the Lord for the city into which He has sent you captive. Pray to the Lord for it; for in its' peace and prosperity, you will receive the same"(v.7)(Jeremiah 29:1-13). The Elders, Priests, Prophets, and all the people are to be involved in pastoring their city!