December 05, 2007

Friends With Benefits

As I was scanning the morning news, I saw this article over at Fox News. It would appear that sex outside of marriage still doesn't live up to its' billing:

Suddenly, bearing the scarlet letter of a one-night stand doesn't sound so bad, especially if "doing it without drama" has been your mantra as of late. Turns out that, despite the conveniences of FWBs, temporary sexual gratification comes at a price — the chance at real romance. The Michigan State study found that friends with benefit relationships often reach the point where one friend starts to develop feelings for the other, but only one-tenth of these arrangements actually end in a full-scale romance and unreciprocated feelings can lead to the demise of the friendship.

Interesting. You mean sex with someone actually might cause you to have feelings for them? It really is a revealing article that gives a good glimpse into what the 18-25 culture is like right now.

However, I don't think it's just a college kid thing. I think it's a humanity thing. We want to have our pleasure but feel none of its consequences. We want something for nothing. Have you taken a look at Monster or CareerBuilder lately? They are full of jobs that promise exorbitant wealth without having to work at all for it.

If there is one principle in life – whether it is in the realm of knowledge, work, sex, athletics, whatever – it is that you cannot have something for nothing. There is always a price to be paid – either positive or negative. Decisions carry consequences. Choices have results.

It's the reality of sin and the true exegesis of what happened to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The first sin committed was believing that you could have something for nothing. All the ecstasy, none of the guilt!

And what's amazing to me, in the current climate of people saying that the Bible is so outdated, so irrelevant for today, so unreliable – is that it clearly shows over and over that no matter how much time passes, some things never change.

Genesis is just as relevant today as it was thousands and thousands of years ago.

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