September 05, 2007

To Prove To You Doubters Out There

And to make my point that I am not a hater, I read Perry Noble's blog post this morning and read the most refreshing paragraph I believe I have seen on his website. I think his post today is right on, and he says it in a great way.

Here's an excerpt:

I have heard it said so many times, heck, I used to say it a lot; in fact, just about every church planter MUST include it in their lingo to sound legit–what is it? It's the phrase, "We're not going to be a church for those who are already in church–we want the unchurched coming here, that's it."

Doesn't that sound good? I think it is a nice statement…and in most cases I think the people who say it are sincere (because most who say it have been burned by the churched!) But since being at NewSpring for over seven years now I am beginning to discover the immaturity in saying that we are a church for only a certain demographic of people…and here is why…

Read the whole thing. It's a good word for folks who are looking at starting a church.

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