July 11, 2007

When You Come To A Fork In The Road - Take It!

And thus, without even trying to, Yogi Berra described a major tension in the Christian life. You've been there haven't you? A place where you can see two very distinct paths in your head. A place where you know you could go one way, or you could go the other, and both are equally appealing and worthy of being pursued.

So now the million dollar question. Which one do I choose?

Isn't it stupid that often the biggest choices we have to make in life are not "chicken or fish", "red wine or white wine", "paper or plastic" but rather we have to choose "BIG LIFE CHOICE DOOR 1" or "BIG LIFE CHOICE DOOR 2". And oh by the way, make sure you get it right cause you don't want to screw it up.

It's stupid because I would rather agonize over food rather than decisions that could determine my life path for the next 50 years as well as my families path for the next 200. It's that serious. It's that important. How will one ever know what to do?

Read the Bible? Yea that sounds like a great plan, but the last time I checked, I don't have a fleece laying around to test God with. I could come up with one, but something tells me that way too many people lay out fleeces and then see what they want to see, not what God is actually trying to show them. So the fleece is out.

Pray? Sure, we could continue to do that. And there's great validity in that. Begging God for an answer and for a direction is completely appropriate. Desperation breeds dependence which is the posture we should have at all times before God so prayer is definitely a way to find answers. Problem is also that way too many people hear what they want to hear in prayer instead of what God is saying. So they end up doing what they desire to do anyway. So prayer may not be the most reliable either.

So if the Bible and Prayer are both avenues that may or may not give me a clear answer, then what am I left with here? How can I make this decision? I mean the good of the world lays in my hands here.

And thus the reason why, if you don't believe in the sovereignty of God, foreknowledge, election, pre-destination, assurance, perseverance, etc etc --when you come to these moments in life they will be torture and not joy. If you believe that it all hangs on your decision and that God does not purpose to act and will through you, then you'll be paralyzed when the fork in the road comes.

See what the Bible and Prayer do tell me is that I can't rely on myself. And that God is steadfast, never changing, and promises to work all things for good. While I am fallible, always changing, and corrupt - God is none of those things and can therefore be trusted to do what He says He will do, and that is to always show me His persevering love. God is loyal (faithful) to me and always will be. He demonstrated that in His Son. If I came to the fork in the road, and trusted myself, I would be in bad shape.

But the cool part is that while I see a fork, God sees a road. He sees a road He has put me on, and a road He will keep me on. And it's a road straight to Him and Jesus. It has no forks, just points where He teaches me to always look away from myself and to look straight to Him. It's a beautiful thing. Now God, if you could just tell me how many miles until I get there, I would be much appreciative!

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