July 24, 2007

Buy Vs. Rent

This is the dilemma we've been faced with the for the last several days. There's some spiritual points to be made here.

  1. Do you know how many houses are in the United States that are currently sitting empty? Folks it has to be in the hundreds of thousands. We have hundreds of thousands of dwellings WITH NO ONE IN THEM and yet millions of people around the world have no shelter. Think about that.
  2. Suburban life is becoming increasingly bland and vanilla to me. In the past few days, we've seen over 50 houses and you know what, for the most part, they all look alike. Cookie cutter, second verse same as the first, houses. Does that describe your spirituality? Does that describe you as a Christian right now? Cause if you have the guts to answer that question honestly, most of us will be forced under oath to say "yes". Your life looks the same as the worlds. It's a cookie cutter, vanilla, carbon copy of the world and yet, Jesus made you a "masterpiece". An original. Too bad you've settled for comfort and security. Too bad no one can see no real difference between your life and a lost person's life. There's a solution to that: Know Jesus for real and quit playing suburbanized, comfort seeking, retirement loving, religified Christianity. Be an authentic. Show personality. Stand out from the world. Love Jesus for real.
  3. Looking for houses sucks. It's work and it takes time to find one that's a good buy. It takes labor to make sure you're investing wisely and doing something right and smart. Christian life is the same way. But, when is the last time you "took the first thing you saw" and ran with it and it was a load of malarkey and a disaster for you. You see, knowing what you're doing. Knowing the market. Knowing the truth about Jesus. That's work and there are no shortcuts. Sorry, no substitute for that.
  4. Jesus is King. And He always will be. No matter how faithless we are, He is faithful. And He has been over the last few days for us. Thank you Jesus for leading, guiding, rebuking, chastizing, tolerating, interceding, loving, supporting, saving, reigning, and most of all BEING all for me. I Love you...but only because YOU love me every second.

Our next leg on the journey to starting Eternity (The Church) is in full swing. For the record, we are going to RENT. More on why we made that decision later...

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