July 13, 2007

Tim Keller Beginning To Invade The SBC

Or at least that's what you would think reading this commentary post over at the SBC Outpost. Paul Littleton hits it right on the money in this article. Here's a sample, but you have to read the article for yourself:

But a denomination cannot thrive on a negative vision. We know what we aren’t and what we don’t want to be, but we have no real vision any longer of who we are or who we do want to be. We can’t even agree on who we used to be. Whatever today’s vision is will change every two years with a new SBC President. Three years ago it was a magical bus tour for baptisms and two years ago a shofar celebration.

This past year it was revival. After Frank Page passes into the night it will become whatever strikes the fancy of the man on deck, and then the one in the hole. We’ve lost our telos as a denomination. Thus, the only positive visions we can muster are those that involve our own individual contexts, our own local churches. We know what we want to do there, and that is the only vestige of a hopeful future we can imagine. We have no unified vision of how we will work together to do what we cannot do on our own.

Amen, and Amen. By the way, if you wonder what I mean by Tim Keller invading this post, you have to listen to his message at The Gospel Coalition and you'll understand what I mean!

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